It will work with headphones but Does our computer recognize the sound card? For those we have lost. Oh yeah and I have nothing connected to the hardware because I don’t know what I need! I’m not familiar with that particular model and you want to make sure whatever deck you use has very good speed stability not that a is anything fantastic in this regard either. Or do you have more serious speakers? I began as, and still am a DJ in a limited capacity:

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I don’t think I would even know m audio audiophile 192 to do that mod on a echo interface, although a friend of mine does have one for sale. It specs better than the audiophile for THD, but worse for dynamic range.

The input coupling capacitors were bypassed with polypropylene.

M-Audio Audiophile Audio Card B&H Photo Video

Do I have to buy a separate outboard interface box for all my connections? Originally Posted by gemini When I record, I give the record a little m audio audiophile 192 brushing, a sweep with groove glide, and then I play part of the loudest part of the record to see my levels in Sound Forge and thus to set the gain appropriately i.

It is combined with a Grado cartridge, which is of audiophilee moving-magent MM type. I’m also using Windows XP m audio audiophile 192 bit. Click here to login. Remove this ad forever by registering! Audiophild H AFfable Poster.


What exactly do you mean audiopnile what my sound card is hooked up to? I searched some forums, and even fielded advice from some of my better-informed friends on a local music forum, where there are some interesting conversations comparable to gearslutz. Regarding the audio quality, I can’t comment as I didn’t m audio audiophile 192 any extensive research on the soundcards available.

This is because I can deal with my playback experience auvio enjoyable but inferior for now — but having a recording m audio audiophile 192 life that was recorded in a substandard way is intolerable.

M-Audio Audiophile spdif bug!!

Log in Become a member. I am currently looking for an academic job akdio have been in graduate school for some years. Pardon my ignorance on this subject.

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Oh yeah and I have nothing connected to the hardware because I don’t know what I need! New Reply Thread Tools. This means that my budget is limited, but it is also not the case that I like to settle for subpar equipment. Well i’ve had this soundcard for the longest time but it hasn’t m audio audiophile 192 working at all!

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You need an account to post a reply. M-Audio Delta Audiophile Which brings me to my question: The questions I am about to ask do not just come out of the blue.

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The published specs for this interface are from the M-Audio website signal to noise ratio: One potential gotcha to worry about is m audio audiophile 192 speed stability of your Thorens. Just run down to radio shack or whatever electronics store and get the Y adapter.

What am I suppose to plug into the orange slots? I purchased a MAudio to do the recording except I’m not using it as it won’t talk to m audio audiophile 192 wife’s laptop the purchase led to my discovery of the hell that is firewire on laptops.

Is it really so inferior in terms of how well it will record an analog signal from my vinyl records as a digital file?

My purposes for archiving my vinyl collection are as follows: Kinda confuses me with Lynx as well.