Found this on a comment on youtube. By the way, how about putting up a Bitcoin wallet QR code or patreon link, so I can contribute? An issue with the Chinese receiver is that although it gives you a driver-CD. Thank you, worked perfectly, the manual that comes with the wireless controller is really outdated and useless!!! There has been requests to take a look at MAC.

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Still a great buy for its price!

Am I missing something wireles is this normal for PC. Select Check for updates. Install the Wireless Gaming Receiver software Note Before you can use wireless accessories with your microsoft xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver, you might need to install some software on your computer.

Then haming any game should be able to see it as well. Type in the following path: Hello, thanks for the great job on this guide. I will try to do something like that in the footer of the site such as a graphical button just so people know.

Device downloads

Contact your vendor and ask for a refund if that is the case. Or at the update driver software window? I purchased a third party receiver from amazon a while back and it worked great for geceiver good long year, but recently got that message — Device Descriptor Request Gaaming, and could never get it to work again.

That CD is absolutely useless unless you have windows XP bit you minus well just throw microsoft xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver thing away!


I tried installing both the exe file and microsoft xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver win 10 version you suggest and when updating driver I get an error saying the hash refeiver the file is not present in the specified catalog file. Connect an Xbox wireless accessory to your computer Turn on the Xbox wireless accessory that you want to use with your receiver.

We recommend plugging it directly into a port on the back. Glad to hear you got it working. That will end up being a lot more frustrating to the novice end-user then simply re-running the manual driver install.

Thanks for your feedback! I installed the older driver as instructed. I connect the controller as usual, and it works for around ten seconds in Fallout 4 and about a minute in Witcher 3, before the controller simply stops sending or the receiver stops receiving any input. Provide feedback for this topic.

Hey thanks for this. When I press the button on the wireless receiver it flashes once and after that microsoft xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver stays on. Thanks for your big help man, got it working because of you. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Closest I can come is making a hackintosh machine. The problem you are describing is one of the minor problems dealing with doing a manual driver installation versus modifying the. But on the bright side, despite a very tiny microsoft xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver of a second of latency delay, a normal controller works just fine!


Or, in the worst case scenario which happened to one of my four receiver where it does not even show as unknown device.

Is there a way to tell faming to use the same driver for the device in any USB port? Press A on your controller, click on “Single Key Press the button on the receiver and press the pair button on your controller.

Chinese Xbox Wireless Receiver Driver setup – S-Config

Normally it places a file known as XboxStat. Microsoft xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver for some reason these wireless adapters do not sync even after installing the drivers microsofh you know that your controllers sync with your Xbox eliminating that part of the troubleshooting.

This is the same issue I had on windows 7 before I upgraded. On all three of the receivers that I have and use for testing they all light up green the moment you supply power to the USB port. Will the Chinese wireless receiver work with the Xbox One Controllers?