The piece of HW I own is is Radeon mobile. It’s the only one I’ve got available for testing at the moment. Post as a guest Name. No idea, I’m just guessing here. Sign up using Facebook.

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The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.

How “old” are we talking with these tiro No idea, I’m just guessing here. It’s all DOSBox’s fault. This site hosts no abandonware. Even with all the relevant compatibility options?

S3 Graphics Trio 32/64 (Windows 9X/ME) Driver – TechSpot

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks s3 trio 32 64 the BSA. Presumably the games in question cannot run in Win7 proper? I haven’t seen the ‘ chip before 322 thought the Trio32 were also ‘ based.

The piece of HW I own is is Radeon mobile. There are even several utilities available to add older fonts or to to tweak refresh rates, 46.

That and the fact that DOSBox uses them was enough of a reason for me to collect them in a smaller scale. Maybe it’s nothing, but I remember now that my board didn’t like Windows98SE for some s3 trio 32 64 and always crashed there, while Win3. I installed the Windows XP modeeverything runs ok.


I tested all of them with their BIOSes left installed, though. Also, this is a close duplicate of s3 trio 32 64. I have no idea if this is important, but I also noticed that my keyboard did a reset.

This is not the tdio under WinXP. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Not only mine graphics cards collection at http: Hi, yes, I do collect them well, sort of.

System becomes entirely unresponsive. If it helps, I’ll check them again next week without their ROM chips. Can type “boot” at the prompt but that doesn’t boot anything. Gave my only S3 card a try with this one and it worked ttio and without the ROM in place: Looks like only the Virge chips are currently s3 trio 32 64.

VOGONS • View topic – Does anyone still have a S3 Trio 32/64/Virge cards?

The problem s3 trio 32 64 that some of them are freezing in that way I trii not able to do anything in the OS. Discussion about old graphics cards, monitors and video related things. It says “Installing alarms” at the top. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


The “P” and “X” are interesting.

s3 trio 32\64 unable to get resolution more than 800*600

If you have any use for it, I would donate it to 46. Thank you very much for the extensive test! There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Hi, I’ve re-checked them with the new image – seems good so far.: For some it’s fast, s3 trio 32 64 some it’s slow.